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Mercredi 22 décembre 2010 3 22 /12 /Déc /2010 09:08


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Ocucaje – El Ingeno (15/12/2010)

92 km parcourus


De longues lignes droites dans le désert avec un vent qui se renforce de plus en plus et qui malheureusement est de plus en plus défavorable.


PE E El Ingeno 1
C'est tellement captivant que je ne vois plus que les deux taches de mon objectif.


Ce soir nous planterons la tente dans le jardin du musée Maria Reich, une allemande qui a consacré sa vie à l'étude des lignes de Nazca. Un musée bien pauvre qui nous permettra de faire la rencontre de son jeune gardien Gerbera qui passera quelques temps avec nous afin de notamment nous indiquer deux ou trois endroits d'où certains dessins sont visibles de la route. Mais cela c'est pour demain.  


PE C El Ingeno 1
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Ocucaje – El Ingeno (12/15/2010)

92 km cycled

We try to leave soon (=having breakfast (=bread and banana and milk) in the motel-room), because the wind is calm in the mornings, but can be very hard in the afternoon in the desert (with possible sand-storms).
If our calculations are correct we still have to make about 100kms to reach Nazca (=a more touristic village, due to the famous Nazca-figures & -lines in the desert).


PE E El Ingeno 4
  PE C El Ingeno 3


Only, (as we changed plans/route because we had to go to Lima) we don't have any detailed maps of this area,  but only a road-map of Peru that we bought here and which is not very accurate : So today we arrive in Palpa (=the village we first wanted to reach yesterday-evening!) only around almost 2pm...



PE C El Ingeno 5
  PE E El Ingeno 3


This is mainly due to  the wind (that was already very strong quiet early in the morning), but also it is extremely hot (=nearly 50 degrees) here, and finally (although we are near the coast) it is quiet hilly here (up and down the whole day)...


Palpa lays in a green valley in the middle of the desert, and we're very happy to arrive. There are many things to see here (like ex. other (=even older, but less well known) desert-figures than the ones from Nazca), lagoons with curing-water, somewhere in the rocks is an Inca-face,... but we did not see anything from all that, because we don't have any documentation/guidebook of this area either, but on the other hand, it is not touristic at all here (so I don't even know if Palpa is mentioned in such guides : all tourists go to Nazca (to make a flight with a little plane over the desert and that's it)).


After dinner I have already heavy legs, but we hoped to be in Nazca this evening : an objective we did not make : the wind is even more stronger (=very tiring at the end of the day to give this extra effort of fighting against the wind) + each time we ask about the exact distance to Nazca, it seems to be always further away (=from first 30kms to nearly 60 more kms...) 


PE C El Ingeno 2
  PE C El Ingeno 4


So, on a certain moment we gave up, and camp in the garden of the museum of Maria Reich (near El Ingeno) : a German woman who investigated almost here whole life (as the first one) the Nazca-figure/lines.  It was actually very interesting and the gardean of the museum Gerardo was very nice (explaining us all kinds of information about the lines and the region : according to Maria Reich the figures & lines (made by the Nazcas in very ancient times (=before the Incas)) represent an astronomic calendar for the agriculture).   (Strange anecdote is that this woman Maria had only 9 fingers (=she lost one due to an infection because of a cactus-needle), and it happens to be that all figures (like the hands, the monkey, the dog,...) all have only 9 fingers (5 on 1 hand, but only 4 on the other)... coincidence or destiny ?... ).     







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