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Mardi 21 décembre 2010 2 21 /12 /Déc /2010 09:33
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Paracas - Ocucaje (14/12/2010)

97 km parcourus


Heu... Vu que j'écris toujours mes articles avec un décalage de deux ou trois jours, là je suis occupé à me creuser mais je n'ai vraiment aucun autre souvenir que de longues lignes droites dans un désert entrecoupé d'oasis agricoles qui assèchent tous les cours d'eau.

Pour le reste, on est pas mécontent d'avoir pu profiter d'un vent trois-quart dos pour terminer la journée.

Ce soir, nous dormirons dans une chambre sans eau d'une station service. Heu... oui là, c'est vraiment pour dire quelque chose.  


PE C Ocucaje 4
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Paracas - Ocucaje (12/14/2010)

97 km cycled

We still have a long way to go (on the Panamerican) before to reach the Chilenian border, so we continue our route direction South.
First we have to make 14kms to get back (from Paracas) on the Panamerican.  From here on the Panamerican leaves somewhat the coast and goes more inlands (direction Ica & Nazca).


PE C Ocucaje 2


Here and there some oasis appears, with some green and some trees. The more we arrive near Ica, to greener it becomes, with some grape- and fruit-yards.  There seem to be production of wine in this region. (So far we don't have a very good experience with Peruvian wine, but I suppose there must be good ones too).
There is also production of flowers.


PE C Ocucaje 1
  PE C Ocucaje 3


In the morning we make already 67kms and arrive in Ica (=a bigger town) where we have lunch.  For me this is already a good cycling day and I wanted to go to a natural lagoon in Huamachina (which is (only!) a 4km deviation from Ica) and spend the rest of the day & evening there near the water, but Enzo wants to continue (=make the most kms as possible to get rid of the Panamerican an to get to Chile as soon as possible).
So, we have only a picture of the Huamachina-lagoon taken from the 50 soles money (on which the Huamachina-lagoon is represented)...



PE C Ocucaje 5
  The beautiful Huamachina-lagoon...  :-(



It's true that all the trucks/buses/cars on the Panamerican are not very pleasant, but there is already much less density of traffic here than around Lima, and (normally) it will always become less the more we head South.

In the afternoon we make 30 kms more (=and we passed (finally) the 3000 (total-)kms = finally, because since Trujillo (=the 2000kms) we did not make a lot of kms : we stayed 10 days in Trujillo, then 8 days in Caraz, and in the mountains the kms per day where very little (with all the difficult roads) : so we try to catch back on this here on the coast).   


This afternoon I cycle very fast (almost 30km/h) : Enzo (who was behind) had a lot of difficulty to keep this ritme and he told me that I passed a guy on a bike, who tried to overtake me again (after I passed him), but that he never got able to reach me (=without luggage!), so after a while he had to abandone.    Probably I had some tail-wind, but I also cycled fast because I wanted to stay the evening near the lagoon, and instead we have spent the night in a (very dirty) road-motel next to a fuel-station (=where there was no water)....  (but it was the last hostal for many kms before going back in blank-aride desert and before reaching the next village).


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