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Mercredi 29 septembre 2010 3 29 /09 /Sep /2010 23:03
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Riobamba - Alausi (27-28/09/2010)

104 km parcourus



EQ E Alausi 1  
Volcan Chimborazo  

La fatigue de ses derniers jour va ma faire écourter cet article.

Juste quelques lignes pour vous dire que nous sommes monté et resté à 3 300 mètres durant ces deux derniers jours

Nous avons pu admirer le volcan Chimborazo dont le sommet est le point le plus éloigné du centre de la terre.

Durant ces deux derniers jours, tout c'est relativement bien passé mis à part le fait que nous avons escaladé un petit col de 6 km avant de nous apercevoir que nous faisions fausse route.

Le deuxième jour, nous avons croisé Kurt (ou plus exactement c'est lui qui nous a rattrapé). Kurt, 22 ans, born in the USA, est parti deu Mexique et terminera son voyage dans une dizaine de jours à Guayaquil (sur la côte équatoriène). Nous ferons donc la route ensemble jusqu'à Cuenca.

Je ne sais pas encore très bien comment nous nous organiserons car il n'a pas de tente et a pour habitude de demander si il peut dormir sous un porche de maison. Ah oui, il n'a pas de sac de couchage non plus ! Comme quoi, il y'a toujours plus fou que soi !







EQ E Alausi 4
Kurt, notre nouveau compagnon de voyage



EQ E Alausi 3
 Et alors, c'est fini de draguer ?






Riobamba - Alausi (27-28/09/2010)

104 km cycled


We don't stay in Riobamba : Already, Enzo does not like big towns, but it does not inspire us further.  Only, Enzo would like to find a solution for his broken pedal here. So, we cycle already quiet a lot through town to find or a new pedal, or someone that can repair the broken one : no not here, take a look over there, well no, can't fix it, you can try over there (=meaning the other side of town)... In total it makes us about 9 kms of cycling, but it was nice to see the activity of Riobamba on a Monday-morning. (Finally, after having repaired the broken pedal that already broke again after 100m, Enzo bought a new pedal). 


  EQ C Alausi 1


We take again an alternative road, to avoid as much as possible traffic and buses.  So, it's very rural, with only Indians here. They are actually very kind. Sometimes a bit shy (=they wonder when we pass 'What are those modern people doing here?', but once we smile at them, they smile and salute us back.  
I also don't need to mention all the lifted thumbs and salutes we get from passing cars, trucks and buses. 

It's the first time we climb over 3000m by bike.  We see the imposing Chimborazo-volcano.
It will be hard to reach Alausi today so we want to make it to Guamote, but at the end of the afternoon we realize we took a wrong way for more than 6 kms : we stayed on the principal road (that actually leads back to the Orient!) and we had to take a dirt-road on the right (but, again there was no single sign/indication : it's nice to take rural roads, but then we have to accept these kind of inconveniences)...  6 kms back again...


We are quiet tired to make the (difficult) dirt-road (with many rocks and little climbs), so we camp near a river, so we can refresh/wash ourselves.  The scenery is very pretty and the sky starts to turn pink.  When night falls, we watch the lights of a storm further away and the next morning a colibri with a very long tail flirts alongside the tent.   


The next day we meet Kurt. (While we are climbing a hill, I hear screaming behind me... He made a lot of efforts to try to reach us).  He's American (of Washington) and he is only 22, but he's very mature and made already many cycling-journeys (through the States and through Europe).


  EQ E Alausi 5


We'll go together to Alausi and maybe he will join us to Cuenca the days after.

Alausi is at only 2400m and up there we were at 3300m, so that makes a very long downhill !  (but it's a very rainy and wet downhill). 


  EQ C Alausi 2
 We crossed that rain zone


  EQ E Alausi 6


As Alausi is in the valley, it is surrounded by a spectacle of high mountains. 


  EQ C Alausi 3





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